Fukuoka 福岡市

Some Friendly Japanese Folk

I thought I would do a write up on the places I’m going to visit in a little more depth .,,

My first destination is going to Fukuoka, which is on the south west island of Japan, Kyushu (九州)..

I guess the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Fukuoka for me is…. Hakata Ramen.. haha 😛

Hakata Ramen!!

Apart from Hakata Ramen I’m sure there alot more to Fukuoka. Like sights and activities to do.

I’m staying in Tenjin,

Tenjin 😛

which is right near Canal City….

Canal City..

Which houses a range of shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

Fukuoka is also known for it’s Yatai Stalls, which provide some awesome food..!!

Yatai Stalls in Tenjin..

Another place to see in Fukuoka is the Dazaifu Temple…

Dazaifu Temple…

Another temple worth looking at is Nanzo-in, it houses a large Buddha statue..

Nanzo-in Buddha Statue..

For current events and ideas on things to do while in Fukuoka check out this website: http://fukuoka-now.com/blog/page/2/

The Nakasu area is definitely worth checking out and is apparently Fukuoka’s #1 entertainment district.. so if you’re looking to head out, give this area a shot..
Here is an article that will help you on your way: http://fukuoka-now.com/areaguide/nakasu/
Here is a bar which is popular with foreigners
Cotton Fields… looks cosy!!

I’m sure there is heaps more information out there but I hope this is enough to kick start your knowledge of Fukuoka… If you find anything interesting.. leave us a message below…


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