Korean wishlist

So I thought it would be a good idea to start making a list of places I would like to visit in korea so I could refer back when the time comes to plan a trip:

Gan jeol got 간절곳
Photo from (http://gong6587.tistory.com/198)

Gan jeol got is close to Busan and contains the giant letterbox haha. It is just south of Ulsan. Here is a good post about travelling there.

Namhae 남해

Photo from (http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namhae)

Namhae is an island close to Busan which seems to be a good weekend getaway with decent beaches. Some info here + More pictures here

Ulleung-do 울릉도
Photofrom (https://alanonjeju.wordpress.com/tag/ulleungdo/)

Ulleung-do is another Island however this island is quite far from the mainland and is located of the east coast of Korea. Very scenic and looks like it would be well worth the effort to travel here. Blog post giving some good info.

Jiri-san 지리산
Photo from (http://hermithideaways.com/2009/09/27/saturday-trek-mt-jiri/)
Jiri-san is Korea’s 2nd tallest mountain. Looks like it would be a great hike. Some pics here.

Jeju-do 제주도
Photo from (http://www.onedaykorea.com/product/gourmet-eco-tour-of-jeju-island-tour/)
Jeju-do is an island off the south coast of Korea. It is arguably the biggest tourist hot spot besides Seoul and a very popular holiday destination for koreans as well. Check out this link for a detailed trip report.

Yeosu 여수
Article illustrative image
Photo from (Philippe Mesmer – www.worldcrunch.com)
One of my Korean friends is from here and it is also the name of a famous song by Busker Busker (여수밤바다). Marinated raw crab is a local specialty. A full-sized famous Turtle Ship is in the harbour (the ship Admiral Yi used to defeat the japanese a long time ago).

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