Gyeongbokgung (경복궁)

This palace is amazing to say the least. It was definitely one of the highlights while I was in Seoul.

At certain times of the day these fellas will walk through the main gate which makes for a nice experience.
This is the statue of Yi Sun-shin. A famous naval commander. There is a great movie about him which was released this year (Roaring Currents 2014).


Not exactly sure what this is to be honest haha.


Another statue.


This seems as if it was used to tell the time a long time ago..


Sejong the Great, creator of the Korean Alphabet (Hangul).


haha again not sure what this is exactly saying…


nice touristy photo next to one of the guards who comes out and stands here for a while… nice vibrant colours though 😀


Second main gate.


A view of the main gate from the other side.


Third main gate..?..


A look inside the main palace.


One of the few smaller statues around the palace.


Another interesting small statue.


Another interesting small statue.


Another interesting small statue.


A view of the courtyards surrounding the palaces.


My friend just arrived back to Seoul after serving 2 years in the Armed Forces… I think he did some shopping hence the large black striped bag…


A nice old gate (most likely restored but hey still looks nice).


As it was winter the top of the small lake was covered with a thin layer of ice.


A nice smallish temple… was quite cold hence the semi-frozen lake.


A quick group shot before we exited.

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