Beomeosa Temple ( 범어사 )

This temple is one of the best if not the best in Busan, very well kept, large structures and great detail. I would highly recommend coming here, schedule permitting.

Entrance to Beomosa
Attention to detail is spot on.
Prayer Room.
Quite a few hills/mountains surround Beomosa. Makes for great scenery.
A little alley at Beomeosa.
A few little ornaments.
Well kept temple 🙂

12 thoughts on “Beomeosa Temple ( 범어사 )

  1. Great post and photos.
    I’ve seen this place only in one of the CNN videos. I wish I could visit it on my next trip to Busan.

    Do you think this and Yonggung Temple are very similar? Or very different? I’ve only vivited Yonggung.

    Inna from

  2. One more question: any idea how much taxi can cost from the Cruise Terminal to Beomeosa Temple and to the Busan Station (as I was told, it is in front Arirang Hotel at the Busan Station Square) ?

    1. Hi Inna,

      Maybe around 20,000 – 30,000 Won depending on traffic.

      Beomeosa to Busan Station will be less.

      You could always catch Subway Line 1 from the port Station to Beomeosa as it is on the same line.

  3. Hi, i was just wondering… besides walking around and admiring the beautiful details of the temple, are we allowed to enter the temples? What else can we do there?

    1. Hi Joanne,

      You can enter the temples but obviously be mindful of other (some people might be praying/making offerings). If I go to temples I usually visit other close attractions to make the trip worth it. For Example, if you are visiting Beomeosa Temple, a trip to the PNU area would be recommended or the Dongnae Station area.

  4. Hi Mark, our cruise ship gets in at 8 am and departs at 5 pm. I estimate we have maybe 7 hours in Busan. That’s allowing 1.5 hour buffer time. I would love to either see Haedong Yongungsa Temple or Beomeosa Temple. However, when I calculate time to travel to either of them from the cruise terminal it looks like it might be 4.5 – 5 hour round trip with your suggested time to see the sites included. Do you think it would take less time by taxi to these areas than by bus or metro?

    If we don’t do these temples and not interested in going to Taejongdae (will have the sea view from the cruise ship), nor the Beaches (there is February), what would else would you suggest for a day on our own?


    1. Hi Sharon,

      If you get a taxi from the cruise ship terminal to Haedong Yonggungasa Temple it will take about 40 minutes one way and cost about 25,000 won. So 40 mins each way plus 40 mins viewing will be about 2 hours. Peak hour might stretch it to 3 hours max. Gukje Market in Nampodong is a huge market to buy leather goods, shoes, clothing etc so if you’re into that stuff I can recommend going there. Gwangalli Beach is a really nice place to relax and get something to eat/drink while enjoying the view of Gwangan Bridge (you could do that on the way back from Haedong yonggungsa temple). Or you could stop off at Haeundae Beach for a walk around/lunch as there are some decent restaurants there (go to Haeundae Market 해운대시장). Hope that gives you some more ideas/help 🙂

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