Taejongdae ( 태종대 )

This place is located along the coast and provides some amazing views! There is a small train which you can catch if you’re short on time or don’t want to walk. This was one of my favourite spots in Busan!

The train which you can ride instead of walking along the coast..pretty convenient.
Tickets can easily be purchased at the small pop-up office next to where the train departs.
We mixed it up, both catching the train and walking.
A map of Taejongdae ( 태종대 ).
The coastline.
Small island in the background which is nicknamed Tea-pot Island.
(Supposedly looks like a tea-pot)
A few small restaurants at the base.. this area was in the film Ode to My Father (국제시장)..
The structure which you see on most of the websites/advertising.
(Red ring with metal point)

Another shot of the coast.20131230_172841

Small restaurants selling fresh seafood next to Taejongdae….
(If you like seafood, Busan is a great city!)20131230_175433
Clam with a slightly spicy sauce… was delicious!

8 thoughts on “Taejongdae ( 태종대 )

  1. Hi ! If i stay nearby jagalchi station, I need to catch the bus 88 or 101 at nampo-dong station? Do you know the earliest bus time schedule?

    1. Hi Elena,

      Bus 88A from Nampodong Sation (Exit #6).

      Here is a link to where to catch the bus from Nampodong Station (exit #6): http://naver.me/xG5h1U0d

      Here is a link to the bus timetable: http://naver.me/xmGZX9J3

      Seems like the buses start pretty early (just before 5am). 첫차 (first Bus) 04:46, 막차 (last Bus) 22:00.

      I hope that is of some use 🙂

  2. Hi! Thank u for all the helpful information. Can u suggest of other luxury hotel in saeomyeom area because I do. Ot like staying near casinos, i get tempted to play. Jus a few blocks away is ok and stil close to shopping at seomyeon.
    Thank u so much!

  3. Hello!
    I’ve been wanting to squeeze in a 2 day Busan trip on my upcoming trip to South Korea this week and thanks to your posts and replies to comments, i got to have an idea where to go.

    I think I’ll follow your suggestion of Taejongdae, Songdo Beach and Gamcheon Village. May I know which bus to take coming from Taejongdae to Songdo Beach and from Songdo Beach to Gamcheon Village? Thank you very much in advance!

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