Gijang Crab Market ( 기장 대게시장 )

Some friends took me to visit Gijang Crab Market 기장 대게시장 and being someone who loves seafood, I was in my element as there were an abundant amount of sea life/creatures to have a look at and of coarse eat!

King Crab ( 킹 크랩) – Luckily the guy selling let me hold one 🙂
Took out a few to weigh them.
Time to cook.
Side Food
Decent amount of side food to accompany the main.
Big Crab 대게
Ready to eat 🙂
Big Crab 대게
Btw we ate Big Crab ( 대게 ).
Big Crab 대게
Rice will be added here later.
Big Crab 대게
Few more pics of the meal.
Big Crab 대게
Like a lot of people, I could eat Crab everyday 😀
As promised with rice. Tasted great!!
Big Crab 대게
Perfect size shell!
Loads of King Crab ( 킹 크랩)
Lots of Big Crabs ( 대게 )
A few King Crab ( 킹 크랩) – apparently these were imported from Russia.. don’t quote me on it..
As you can see it wasn’t that busy although we did go around lunch time.
More King Crab ( 킹 크랩)
Quite big, so I can see why people want to cook and eat them haha..
I’m gonna need some help here… I think these are Lobsters??? Unfortunately I didn’t get to eat these 🙁
It was raining a little that day so was fairly quiet which was great.
Looks like a mixture of seaweed and kelp but not entirely sure… however I’m sure its all edible.
Not the best picture of the entrance but its alright haha
Two types of food I wanted to try while in Korea were Slate? ( 홍어 ) and Whale ( 고래고기 ) however this day I wasn’t feeling up to it (a little too much Soju the night before) so it’s something I want to tick off next time.
A few people doing their daily shop.


A user mentioned these are Beltfish 🙂
Some vegetables including Kimchi ( 김치 )


Some squid for sale ( 오징어 )


Some Mackarel I believe and yes, they are Tim Tams (a friend had asked to bring them over from Aus haha).


Sea Squirts and Abalone. Again, I didn’t get to eat Abalone 🙁 haha maybe next time.


A few people looking to buy Lunch / Dinner.
Miso I think.


Ajumma’s run the show here (I must say they are very friendly and always willing to let you take photos).
Few odd looking oranges.


Some Blowfish and again small Mackarel.
I’m always on the lookout for Hotteok ( 호떡 ) and this was the cheapest I paid for one while in Korea ( 500 won ).
More views of the streets.
Various mussels and clams.
I am going to guess by the sign ( 고추  ) that they sell some kind of Chilli??


Looks to be some small sharks.


This nice old man was happy for me to take a few shots of him skinning an eel ( 장어 ).
Looks to be some kind of root.


If you have time, you could always visit Haedong Yonggungsa Temple via the bus route shown below:

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Please leave a message if you have any questions!

26 thoughts on “Gijang Crab Market ( 기장 대게시장 )

  1. "Not sure what these fish are to be honest.. Please comment if you do :)"

    Those are beltfish. Some asian supermarkets in the states get them from time to time.

  2. Next time you can eat 🙂 this market is also close to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple & the new Lotte Outlet Mall.

  3. hye!i wonder how much do you spend to eat the king crab at kijang market?is there any at the jagalchi market?

    1. Hi Daena, there are some at the Jagalchi markets 🙂 which is a lot more convenient to get to although I haven’t eaten King Crab there before. If I remember correctly, I believe it was 80,000 won per crab. You could easily share a crab between 2 people as well. Always try to get a lower price by talking with the sales person at the front of the shop. Good luck!

  4. We’d like to fit in Gijang Crab Market to our itinerary. We’re using your 2 day 1 night itinerary in Busan with a very minor tweak to Day 1, we’re skipping Gamcheon Culture Village. Where would you fit it in and how to get there?

    BTW, thank you for your tips and itineraries. It’s like “Travel in Busan for Dummies”. You made planning in Busan VERY easy. Thank you for your time and effort!

  5. Hi! Really awesome site you have here! I m definitely going to follow your itineraries on my 3 days 2 nights in Busan in May. Just that I am travelling alone so trying out all these great food such as having a crab all by myself is going to be tough. Any suggestion on eating out for lone travellers? And do you think I can still do Gwangalli and ‘dine’ alone in those tents as well?

    1. Hi Sloh, Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Although it is perfectly fine to eat alone, you may want to try a few ways (Hostels, reddit etc) of meeting people travelling in the same places you are and potentially eat together.

      If not, that is totally fine. I have eaten alone before in Korea and have seen loads of people do the same. I guess if you would like to eat Crab for example, you will have to eat it all by yourself haha which can be a good thing depending on how you look at it 🙂

      You definitely can dine alone in those tents. Obviously the majority of people will go with friends etc but dining alone is fine.

      If you don’t mind a drink (beer, soju, soft drink etc), there are some good Restaurants/Bars along the waterfront (Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach) which are good places to meet fellow travelers.

      Once you start eating 활어회 (raw fish) in the tents, all your worries will go haha + the atmosphere is great there.

      If you have anymore questions, please ask 🙂

  6. HI, There. i love your blog! especially your busan itinerary! makes planning a trip to busan so much easier as you highlight all the major must go spots~ but i do have one question. I am very interested in going to the crab market and grabbing some crabs to munch on. But its pretty far from Seomyeon Station. Is there a faster way to get from Gijang Crab Market without using the direct bus you mentioned in your itinerary? (also, where can i find this bus?) is it possible to use the train to get back? thanks so much in advance for your advice :):)

    1. ah… sorry i didn’t read your itinerary closely. i found which bus to take. 🙂 thanks

      again… love your blog!!

  7. Hi, I’m going to Busan with my family next month and your travel itineraries have been such a great help. I’m not sure about the crab-eating practices in Korea so regarding the crab fried rice, do we not touch the shells at all when the crabs are served and leave the roe and/or natural crab “juice” as seasoning for the fried rice or do we give them empty shells and they’ll just top the shells with fried rice?

    1. Hi Char,

      They will not serve the crab shells at the start. They will give you them after the main course as such 🙂 If they don’t please be sure to ask them.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  8. Thx for detailed blog on Busan, Will be going there late March 2018 and wonder if there is cherry blossom .

    Will arrive Seoul March 23 and leave 27. Not decided how many days in Busan yet . Was in Seoul last year for 5 days so no need to see Seoul as much as Busan which is new to me. ( no direct flight to Busan from US so have to go to ICN)
    rrive early at 7 am to Seoul , leave at 7 pm. from Seoul. Busan in between these dates,

    Want to see one temple in Busan, the Gijang Crab Market and a day trip to Geoyongji to see the temple and the Anapji Park at night. Coming from Seoul and have to get back to Seoul for flight back home in the US .
    So, hotel near KTX train station or near city centre Seomyeo district , in terms of getting around?

    no shopping and street food ( too spicy) .
    WIll appreciate help in setting up itinerary . Thank you.

    1. Hi Sally,

      In terms of Cherry Blossoms this post about Cherry Blossoms in Busan may help.

      I would do my recommended 3 days 2 nights Busan Itinerary (3D2N) and add a day trip to Gyeongju (as you suggested). Regular buses leave from Nopo Subway Station 노포역 ( Orange Line 1 ).

      Within my recommended itinerary includes 2 temples and the Crab Market which you wanted to visit.

      In terms of accommodation, Seomyeon would be the best place as it sits on both the major subway lines (1 and 2). You can see my detailed post about Where to Stay in Busan. I can recommend the Angel Hotel in Seomyeon, very good location!

      In terms of street food, you should try hotteok 호떡, Odeng 오뎅 and Gimbab 김밥 all of which are not spicy. Make sure to also eat Pork Rice Soup 돼지국밥 and Milmyeon 밀면 which are Busan specialties.

    1. Yeh there is food near the temple. Snacks not so much restaurants. I would advise eating somewhere else for lunch or dinner.

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