Gimhae International Airport ( 김해국제공항 )

Gimhae International Airport (Busan airport) is Busan’s #1 international airport and the Busan airport code is PUS (which probably has some reference to Busan previously being call Pusan). Busan’s Gimhae Airport is located in the Gangseo district and has more than 10 million people coming through it each year.


Wanting to know how to get to Busan Airport? I have it all covered below:


Gimhae Airport Limousine Bus

FROM Gimhae International Airport TO Busan Station (Busan Airport to City)

International Terminal > Domestic Terminal > Paik Hospital intersection > Gaya Homeplus Mart > Gaya Hyudai Apt > Seomyeon (Lotte Hotel Busan) > Seomyeon, Busan > Beomil (Hyundai dep. store) > Jin market > Busanjin Station (Busan Metro) > Busan Station – Toyoko inn Hotel > Jungang > Guangbokdong Lotte dep. store > Nampo-dong > Jagalchi

Domestic Terminal departs at these intervals 07:00, 07:40, 08:20, 09:00, 09:40, 10:20, 11:00, 11:40, 12:20, 13:00, 13:40, 14:20, 15:00, 15:40, 16:20, 17:00, 17:40, 18:20, 19:00, 19:40, 20:20, 21:00, 21:50


FROM Busan Station TO Gimhae International Airport (City to Busan Airport)

Jagalchi > Nampo-dong > Guangbokdong Lotte dep. store > Jungang > Yeongjudong > Busan Station > Busanjin Station (Busan Metro) > Beomil (Hyundai dep. store) > Seomyeon, Busan (Judies Taehwa) > Seomyeon (Lotte Hotel Busan) > Gaya Hyudai Apt > Gaya Homeplus Mart > Paik Hospital intersection > Airport(International Terminal)


FROM Gimhae International Airport ROUND TRIP

*Gimhae Airport to Haeundae*

(International Terminal) > Domestic Terminal > Namcheon (Namcheondong) > Gwangan (Gwangandong) > Suyeong (Suyeong Intersection) > Millak (Suyeong Hyudai apt) > Centum City (Centum hotel) > Bexco > Olympic intersection > Gyeongnam Marina apt > Hyundai park hiatt hotel > Hanhwa resort > Hyperion > Westin Chosun Hotel > Grand Hotel > Novotel Ambassador > Paradise Hotel > Mipo > ten road > Remian Haeundae apt > Hyundai ipark apt > Jangsan > Haeundae Paik Hospital > Dongbu apt > Daelim 1cha apt > Yangwoon high school > Yangwoon middle school > Yangwoon high school > Daedong apt > Dongbu apartment > Haeundae Paik Hospital > Jangsan Station > Hyundai ipark apt > Remian Haeundae apt > Mipo, moon>ten road > Novotel Ambassador > Paradise Hotel > Seacloud hotel > Grand Hotel > Westin Chosun Hotel > Hyperion > Hanhwa resort > Hyundai park hiatt hotel > Gyeongnam Marina apt > Olympic intersection > Homeplus mart > Centum City (Centum hotel) > Millak (Suyeong Hyudai apt) > Suyeong (Suyeong Intersection) > Gwangan (Gwangandong) > Namcheon (Namcheondong) > Airport(International Terminal, Departure)

This bus runs from 6:50 am to 10:00 pm, every 15 to 20 minutes.


Other options include:


Gimhae International Airport City Bus

307 : Gimhae Airport > Gangseo-gu Office > Gupo Station > Gupo Market > Deokcheon Station > Mandeok > Dongnae > Centum City(BEXCO) > Haeundae

This bus runs from 6:15 am to 23:20 pm, every 15 to 20 minutes.

Gimhae International Airport Intercity Bus

The intercity buses cover the following areas:

Masan | Changwon | Jinhae | Jangyu | Gimhae | Pohang | Gyeongju | Gumi | Dongdaegu Ulsan | Eonyang | Yangsan | Gohyeon | Okpo | Jangseungpo

Airport Shuttle Bus Service

Service fare: Free
Operating hours: 5:50 am to 10:50 pm
Intervals: every 10 minutes

Routes & Schedules
-Domestic Passenger Terminal: (Buses p/hr) 05, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55

-Domestic Passenger Terminal: Bus Stop #5, outside of Gate 1 on 1st Floor

Busan Subway Map

With the map below you should be able to navigate to any places within Busan via the subway.



Stores, Facilities and Entertainment at Gimhae INTERNATIONAL Airport

If you’re looking to find out what stores, facilities and entertainment is available at Busan Airport the following links will GIVE YOU THE INFORMATION you are looking for 🙂

Stores on the First Floor (1F) :

-Korea Exchange Bank
-Airport Information
-Shoeshine Service
-Limousine Ticket Office
-Changing Room
-Busan Bank
-Mail agency
-Mobile phone roaming
-Dunkin Donuts
-Tour Guide
-Korea Exchange Bank(Arrival)
-Sky Gallery
-Busan Bank(Arrival)


Stores on the Second Floor (2F) :

-Busan Bank(Currency Exchange)
-Korea Exchange Bank(Exchange)
-Baby Room
-Global Blue
-Casabelle Nail Care
-Global Tax Free
-SK Telecom Global Roaming Service Center
-Korea Exchange Bank(Exchange)-Departure
-Duty Free Goods Pick-Up Point
-CJ Korea Express Luggage Storage
-DufryThomasJulie Korea
-SungKwang(Korean specialty products)
-Airport Information
-Dunkin′ Donuts
-The Books
-Ace Travel Insurance


Stores on the Third Floor (3F) :

-KT Olleh Global Roaming Service Center
-LG U+ Global Roaming Service Center
-Free Internet Lounge(Bank zone)

LOOK: If you need more details about some of the stores you can find it here

For the DOMESTIC Airport Stores and Facilities you can find them here


Some other Frequently Asked Questions like:

Can I stay overnight at the airport?
Do you have luggage storage facility in the airport?
How early do I need to arrive at the airport?
Do you have a post office in the airport?
Can I send parcel from the airport?
Can I exchange my money in the airport?
Do you provide roaming services in the airport?
Do you have Duty Free Shops in the Domestic Terminal?

Answers to these questions can be found here


Gimhae Internaional Airport – International Departure Schedule can be found here

Gimhae Internaional Airport – Domestic Departure Schedule can be found here


Wanting to know more about Gimhae International Airport? Here is the ENGLISH link to their official Airport page


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    I was wondering … Do you know what the price/rate is for the luggage storage? I am trying to determine whether it would be better to book an extra night at my accommodation or not.

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    1. Hi Donna,

      I was fairly sure it was 7000KRW for 24hours. That was about a year ago so it might have changed but I doubt by much.

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    Just wanted to ask if you can suggest to me the cheapest route from Gimhae Intl Airport to Haeundae and also going back? Is the bus or the subway line cheaper?

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      The subway would be the cheapest option (about 1400 won per person) however I would recommend catching the limousine bus for 6,000 won as it is direct. If you do catch the subway you will need to change subway lines at Sasang station.

      Hope that helps 🙂

        1. Hi Tara,

          If you are referring to the Airport Limo (which is a bus), I would say about 35-50 minutes depending on traffic 🙂

  3. My parents are leaving from Busan station to Gimhae International airport by limousine bus? I just want to be sure that they won’t get lost or confused since this is their first time to travel in Korea. I saw that the limousine bus stop is across the Chinatown in Busan. How will they pay for the bus fare? how many stops before reaching the airport? how many minutes from Busan Station to the airport by limousine bus? Thank you

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    I’m Liong. Do you know what time is the first bus (limousine bus) from Seomyeon to Gimhae Airport? I only found the time table for airport to city but not city to airport. I will be staying somewhere at Seomyeon and my flight going home is in the morning. With all the luggage I would prefer limousine bus. Thank you

  5. Hi. Is it easy to find the limousine bus going to Gyeongju? How much would it cost? Also, is the limousine bus arriving from Gyeongju near the entrance of the airport?

      1. Thank you very much. May I ask also is there a different entrance for domestic and international flights? And is it near the drop-off area from the airport limousine bus terminal. Thank you.

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    Just to confirm that the limousine bus do stop at Haeundae Beach? Do you know what time the limousine bus start from Haeundae beach to Gimhae airport? how long is the journey? as i am planning to take the 9am flight. do you think i can reach there on time?

    1. Hi Jesslyn,

      I believe the first limosuine bus leaves around 7am.

      You could catch bus 307 which leaves Haeundae at 4.50am (more info here)

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