Oncheon-cheon ( 온천천 )

As spring started to kick in and the cherry blossoms started to bloom, Oncheon-cheon (also known as Oncheon Stream or Oncheon River) was a place I was keen on visiting and boy was it well worth the visit. Located close to the Suyeong River (수영강) and within walking distance from Busan Nat Uni Station (교대역), it is one of the best places in Busan to see the cherry blossoms in full swing. The area of which you can see the cherry blossoms is shown below:

From Busan Nat Uni Station (교대역), take exit 6. Simply follow the stream/river and take in the view.

Below are some of the photos I snapped, hope you enjoy them 🙂

Some nice flowers at the start of our walk.


There were quite a few people however it didn’t feel super crowded 🙂


Lots of people taking selfies (including ourselves)


It got dark fairly quick this day


As it got dark you could start to see the lights reflect in the water


Quite a few bikes, tourists and people just out for a nice stroll


The never ending row of Cherry Blossom tress 🙂 벚꽃


VIDEO: The pedals slowly falling to the ground


Oncheon-cheon is easily one of my favourite spots in Busan to see cherry blossoms


A nice view down the river, as you can see its not too busy.


The lights shining on the trees makes for a fantastic view


The flowers look so fluffy


벚꽃 벚꽃 벚꽃


The sides along the river are very well lit so viewing the cherry blossoms at night is really a treat


The one thing I really like about Oncheon-cheon at night is the river reflects everything making it so picturesque


My better half was trigger happy so thought I would catch her in the act.


Here are a string of restaurants (marked on the map above for your convenience) that you could eat at if you feel hungry


It was a great night for viewing as they really were in full bloom


We got hungry so we were looking for somewhere to eat


A good mix of young couples and families out enjoying the view


This is the restaurant we ate at (it was fairly busy so we took a ticket and went off and took some photos instead of waiting at the restaurant for 30 mins).


We had Korean BBQ and it was some of the best I’ve had in a while. The price is about 25, 000 won for a set (would feed 2 people). If you are really hungry you could order 2 sets which would be about 50, 000 won (would be easily enough for 2 people).


Plenty of places to drink coffee, drink beers and/or have some dinner.


It was about time to head back home (which was within walking distance)


A few more snaps of the lights reflecting in the water


A lot less people about at this time (closer to 11.30pm)


Some trailing lights from a bicycle riding past


A lot of apartments around here. Would be some nice views from the rooftops


It was about a 30 minute walk home


Saw some benches across the river on the way home


You will occasionally see some fish jumping out of the water from time to time


Walk walk walk


Almost home……


One last pic of the night which turned out to be pretty nice with the contrasting colours

If you want to see cherry blossoms in Busan, I would highly recommend a visit to Oncheon-cheon. If you are wondering what else there is to do/see in Busan, please see my must-visit places in Busan. Please also see my extremely detailed Busan Itineraries. Not sure where to stay in Busan? Don’t Worry, I have that covered in my post on the Best Areas to Stay in Busan Best Areas to Stay in Busan.

As usual, if you have any questions please leave a comment 🙂

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  1. Thank you oh so much for this! I was waiting for a reply to my question a few days ago and here you composed an entire post on Cherry Blossoms in Busan. My little girl will be thrilled!

    All the best!

    1. Hi Jules,

      Glad you found it helpful! 🙂

      If you did visit Oncheon-cheon I hope that you enjoyed it.

  2. Hi, just to clarify, are you referring to the Busan Nat’l Univ. Edu. station in the post?



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