Seonamsa Temple

Suncheon – Seonamsa Temple, Naganeupseong Folk Village, Wetlands & National Garden (순천)

After spending the day in Yeosu we caught the train (only about 20 minutes) to Suncheon. Once we arrived we headed to get some dinner and drinks, then headed back to the hotel before our big tour the next day. One of the main reasons I was looking forward to coming to Suncheon 순천 was Seonamsa Temple 선암사. You will see why in the photos below as it is just a fantastic place to visit (great picturesque temple that is very quiet and perfect for a morning stroll). We booked a city tour for Suncheon as we didn’t have a car and it worked out very well to be honest. Very comfortable seats, friendly staff and a well organised itinerary, all we had to do was show up at Suncheon Station 순천역 at around 10am and enjoy the ride.

The places we visited on this tour were:

If you plan on traveling by KTX in Korea, you may want to check out the Korea Rail Pass (KR Pass) to save money.

I hope your enjoy my photos below 🙂

After leaving Yesou, we arrived 20 minutes later in Suncheon.

Suncheon Station Burgers (1)
After a big day in Yesou we basically slept, woke up the next morning, took a taxi to Suncheon Station and ate some very delicious burgers 🙂

Suncheon City Tour (2)
순천시티투어 Suncheon City Tour

Suncheon City Tour (1)
Citytour Passcard for the day.


Seonamsa Temple 선암사

The name Seonam (‘Heavenly Rock’ or ‘Immortal’s Rock’) is derived from the legend that a heavenly being once played the game of Go here. With 19 National Cultural Properties in its halls and museum, there are few Korean Buddhist temples with more treasures than Seonamsa.

If you plan to come here by local transport, from Suncehon Jonghap Bus Terminal (순천종합버스터미널), take Bus 1 or 16 to Seonamsa Temple (선암사) bus stop. From the entrance of the mountain, follow the trail for 1km to arrive at the temple.

Seonamsa Temple (2)
After a 30 minute ride on the tour bus we arrived at Seonamsa Temple 순암사. If you haven’t noticed by now, it was what I was looking forward to the most.

Seonamsa Temple (3)
Quick snap of the ‘gang’. The road all the way up until the temple is shaded which makes the walk so nice.

Seonamsa Temple (4)
Plenty of signs to be had so you can’t get lost (Of course the tour guide also told us what were the best places to see while we were here).

Seonamsa Temple (5)
Tripod always comes in handy for group photos. Lovely and green this time of the year.

Seonamsa Temple (8)
There was a nice wind on this day so it couldn’t have been any better in terms of the weather.

Seonamsa Temple (9)
Got the camera in hand (prefer that than having it around my neck all day).

Seonamsa Temple (10)
There are quite a few places to visit at this temple if you have lots of time.

Seonamsa Temple (11)
Endless amounts of trails and streams.

Seonamsa Temple (18)
We make a pretty good photography team (haha amateurs at best).

Seonamsa Temple (14)
These monuments were built in 1707 to commemorate the restoration of Seonamsa that was led by Monk Yakhyu.

Seonamsa Temple (15)
Some freaking looking statue on the way up to the temple….

Seonamsa Temple (16)
Me trying my best not to fall forward into the stream while I take a photo haha

Seonamsa Temple (19)
An unusual way to have a sign.

Seonamsa Temple (20)
Seungseon Bridge 승선교 from afar.

Seonamsa Temple (23)
A look at Gangseon Pavilion through the arc of Seungseon Bridge 승선교 (Seungseon means ‘the ascending immortals’). Monk Hoan built this Joseon Era bridge over a period of six years beginning in 1713. Seungseongyo is considered to be amongst the most beautiful of the old stone bridges in Korea.

Seonamsa Temple (25)
My better half sitting nicely on top of Seungseon Bridge 승선교. The protruding sculpture of a dragon’s head below the midsection of the bridge, facing upstream, is intended to ward off evil spirits.

Seonamsa Temple (27)
A jumping photo for good measure.

Seonamsa Temple (28)
Gangseon Pavilion.

Seonamsa Temple (30)
It wasn’t that busy so it made the walk up very peaceful (Gangseon Pavilion)

Seonamsa Temple (24)
A quick look back at the bridge before Seungseon Bridge.

Seonamsa Temple (31)
Seungseon Bridge.

Seonamsa Temple (21)
Seonamsa Iljumun (first gate).

Seonamsa Temple (33)
Looking through the Seonamsa Iljumun (first gate).

Seonamsa Temple (34)
Main building as you pass through the first gate.

Seonamsa Temple (35)
Blue skies and it wasn’t too hot which was nice.

Seonamsa Temple (36)
Although it was hot enough that we needed some cold water 🙂

Seonamsa Temple (37)
Main Hall.

Seonamsa Temple (39)
At look through into the main hall.

Seonamsa Temple (32)
A photo from the side door. Amazing how something so old can still be standing really…

Seonamsa Temple (38)
One of Seonamsa’s 3 Story Stone Pagodas. Seonamsa’s pagodas are typical of the stone pagodas of the Silla era.

Seonamsa Temple (40)
A nice look down the side of one of the temples.

Seonamsa Temple (42)
The buildings here were very well kept.

Seonamsa Temple (43)
We bought a few of these snacks. It’s like a lotus leaf cookie essentially.

Seonamsa Temple (44)
Lots of colours from the flowers as well.

Seonamsa Temple (47)
Not sure what this place would be like in winter however in summer it looked amazing (very green).

Seonamsa Temple (50)
Taking a stroll around the main hall area.

Seonamsa Temple (51)
Some nice flowers in front of one of the temples.

Seonamsa Temple (52)
Some bees going about there business.

Seonamsa Temple (55)
I thought this place was good for a quick snap.

Seonamsa Temple (56)
Again, not a lot of people here even though we were on a tour of about 30 people. Quite large temple grounds so it really does make it feel that there’s only a couple of people there.

Seonamsa Temple (53)
More flowers 🙂

Seonamsa Temple (58)
You will notice this small store on your way up and down to the temple.

Seonamsa Temple (59)
We bought a packet of snacks to eat on the bus while we were travelling.

Seonamsa Temple (57)
A walk through Gangseon Pavilion.

Seonamsa Temple (61)
One last shot for good measure.

Seonamsa Temple (62)
Very peaceful, wish I could of stayed a bit longer and just relaxed here.

Seonamsa Temple (64)
We had just enough time to get something to eat and drink which was lucky.

Seonamsa Temple (66)
Although it wasn’t raining, we ate Seafood Pancake (해물파전) and drunk Makgeolli (막걸리).

Seonamsa Temple (67)
Some side dishes as usual.

Seonamsa Temple (69)
Can’t miss the restaurant as it is located right at the entrance.

Seonamsa Temple
Back on the bus for the next place.


Naganeupseong Folk Village 낙안읍성

If you plan to come by bus, simply take #63 from Suncheon Bus Terminal ( link here: ).

Naganeupseong Folk Village (12)
After arriving I didn’t know what to expect from a folk village as such.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (2)
We followed our tour guide around which is basically walking down the main road until you reach the outside wall, then simply walk up the wall to your left.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (15)
Some traditional clothing being sold (한복).

Naganeupseong Folk Village (3)
Plenty of signs in English so should be fairly easy to navigate around.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (4)
I didn’t realize how mountainous some places are in Korea.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (16)
A nice building on the main stretch.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (17)
A very picturesque gate.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (18)
Take your time to look around as it is very interesting to look at how the houses were built ‘back in the day’.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (19)
Lots of wild flowers about.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (20)
That’s the wall/road you need to follow round to the left.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (21)
Shortly you will arrive and find a wonderful view of the whole village.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (5)
A view of the entire village which helps you understand how big it is.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (6)
A view of the traditional houses.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (7)
You can actually stay at some of these houses if you are wanting to get the full traditional experience.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (22)
Keep following the wall until you arrive at a garrison with multiple flags.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (23)
This is the end of this section (those stairs lead you back to the start).

Naganeupseong Folk Village (9)
A nice old looking street.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (24)
A small peek into someones backyard.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (25)
A traditional dance was taking place just before we were about to leave.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (26)
Some nice colourful costumes.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (10)
It was really windy here.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (11)
Very interesting head dress.

Naganeupseong Folk Village (1)
Was getting kind of hot so we bought some frozen fruits from the small store there.


Suncheon Bay National Garden 순천만국가정원

If coming by local transport, simply catch bus 63, 66 or 101 from Suncheon Bus Terminal (link here: ). If you would rather get a tour bus here, you can book a day trip through Klook.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (2)
The Suncheon Bay Garden was established in order to turn 1.12 square kilometers of natural habitat into a conservation area, where it houses over 505 species of trees and 113 species of flowers.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (3)
Look to see if your country’s flag is there.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (1)
Some foreign dances being carried out upon arriving.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (5)
Some very nice colours.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (6)
There are a lot of different areas so if you want to visit them all you will need a couple of hours.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (17)
We had about a hour to look around so we did the main areas,

Suncheon Bay National Garden (20)
The grounds were very well kept and it really was a nice stroll.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (18)
It helped that the weather was almost perfect as it wasn’t too hot.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (7)
A spiraling mound which you can walk to the top of.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (9)
A look back at the entrance area.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (10)
There is a European style building in the distance which seemed quite popular.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (8)
A closer look.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (11)
Some colourful decorations.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (13)
A view from the west-side of the park.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (21)
Some giant bird with grass and flowers on it.

Suncheon Bay National Garden (22)
A quick peace sign.


Suncheon Bay Wetland Reserve 순천만습지

If you plan to come by bus, simply take bus 67 from Suncheon bus Terminal (link here: )

Suncheon Bay Wetland (2)
I wasn’t sure what to expect coming here as I hadn’t read much about it however it was actually a nice surprise being the last stop on our tour.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (3)
Once you enter through the main gates, simply keep walking on the main path.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (4)
Some info if you want to know more about the places etc.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (5)
A nice look out over the wetlands.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (6)
Quite a few people out here walking and enjoying the view.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (7)
I didn’t expect it too be this large so was surprised when i first saw how large the wetlands were.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (8)
The mountains make a very good backdrop.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (9)
A view looking back at the main bridge leading over to the wetlands.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (10)
Feels like you are in the middle of nowhere ahah

Suncheon Bay Wetland (23)
Seems like some kind of painting.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (12)
A series of boardwalks allow you to walk over the wetlands.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (14)
There is a lookout which was about 40 minutes walk away however being the last stop on our tour we decided to skip that part.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (15)
A hat and some sunglasses would be advised if it is sunny.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (16)
Lots of crabs and mudskippers can be seen where ever there is mud.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (17)
The grass comes right up alongside the boardwalk.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (18)
Some more views 🙂

Suncheon Bay Wetland (20)
A few last snaps coming back over the bridge.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (21)
It seems there was a boat cruise, which would of been nice (not sure where they take you though).

Suncheon Bay Wetland (22)
Really glad the tour came to these wetlands as I’m not sure I would of came otherwise.

Suncheon Bay Wetland (1)
One last snap before heading back to the bus.

After the wetlands the bus took us back to Suncheon Station. From there we caught a taxi to the Suncheon Bus Terminal for our trip back to Busan 🙁

Although the trip was coming to an end, we had such a good time in Suncheon. I was really happy that we made the decision to come and check out this small city as the places we visited were fantastic. Seonamsa Temple 선암사 is probably my favourite temple out of the ones I have visited in Korea. It really was such a nice place to visit.

As usual, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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    1. Hi Li Yin,

      The tour took about 7 hours (departed at 10:00am and returned to Suncheon Station at about 5pm).

      We booked our tickets through this site:
      Bookings can be made here: Simply click the first yellow button 예약하기 (you will need to create an account/login to book).

      If you know someone who can speak Korean to help you, that would be a whole lot easier!

      Any other questions please let me know 🙂

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