Yeosu – Cable Car, Railbike, Turtle Ship & Raw Crab (여수)

Having wanted to go to Yeosu 여수 for quite some time, the opportunity arose and so we booked buses/trains/accommodation. There were a few reasons why I wanted to visit Yeosu such as:

  • Yeosu Cable Car 여수 해상케이블카
  • Dolsan Park 돌산공원
  • Yeosu Ocean Railbike 여수해양레일바이크
  • Replica Turtle Ship 거북선
  • Try its famous Raw Crab 게장
  • Yeosu Night Sea 여수밤바다

As we were on a tight schedule (1 Day) we had to decide the must-see attractions in Yeosu and stick to those. There were definitely other sights which I would have visited if I had had more time however unfortunately that wasn’t the case. From Busan we caught a bus from Sasang Station which is about 8 or 9 stations west of Seomyeon Station on the green line.

If you plan on traveling by KTX in Korea, you may want to check out the Korea Rail Pass (KR Pass) to save money.

If you would rather do a day-trip from Busan to Yeosu, Klook offers a day tour to Yeosu which visits most of the same places I did.

Below are the photos I took from the trip, hopefully you enjoy them 🙂

Yeosu (1)
After arriving at Sasang Station, go to the Intercity Bus Ticket Counter where you can either pick up the tickets you bought online or buy them on the spot.

Yeosu (2)
The buses arrive on time and don’t wait for people who are late so best be on time 🙂

Yeosu (3)
This is the bus we rode to Yeosu. Very comfortable ride.

Yeosu (4)
Plenty of space and leg room which was a pleasant surprise.

Yeosu (5)
I noticed a microphone up the front next to me so it wouldn’t surprise if they used this bus for Karaoke as well haha.

Yeosu (6)
It was raining a bit as we left however there wasn’t a lot of traffic.

Yeosu (7)
We soon arrived at the Yeosu Bus Terminal (fairly small but adequate).

Yeosu (8)
Once you exit, if you cross over this bridge there is a bus stand where you can catch a variety of buses. As there were 4 of us it was easy enough to catch a taxi.

Yeosu (9)
Funny enough the name of our guesthouse was 거북선 which means Turtle Ship.

Yeosu (10)
We stayed in 2 sets of bunk beds which was clean and very affordable.

Yeosu (11)
Once we quickly changed we headed out to see the Yeosu Night Sea 여수밤바다 and the Turtle Ship replica.

Yeosu (12)
Upon hopping off the bus we were greeted by the famous Turtle Ship.

Yeosu (13)
Being such an odd design made it look so spectacular.

Yeosu (14)
In the background is where the Yeosu Cable Car operates.

Yeosu (15)
Some nice views to be had with the different colours.

Yeosu (16)
Really nice view of one of the many bridges located here.

Yeosu (17)
There never a shortage of fireworks in Korea.

Yeosu (18)
A small island which can be seen in my pictures later on the following day.

Yeosu (19)
Part of the reason we came here was to enjoy the street shops selling local seafood etc.

Yeosu (20)
After waiting in line for about 15 minutes we finally sat down. Octopus, prawns, clams, cheese and onions made for some good eating.

Yeosu (21)
Not long after it was ready to eat.

Yeosu (22)
Cheers! 건배!

Yeosu (23)
First time tasting 잎새주 and it was pretty good. Slightly stronger than 좋은데이

Yeosu (24)
After we finished eating and drinking we bought some churros on the way home for dessert.

Yeosu (25)
After checking out we headed to get some Raw Crab 게장

Yeosu (26)
This place was recommended by a few of the taxi drivers and seem to be the best place for Raw Crab in Yeosu.

Yeosu (27)
Just a friendly reminder to always ask for Wifi as most shops/restaurants have it.

Yeosu (28)
This place does buffet raw crab so we each got the 돌게정식 which is 12 000 won per person (which includes free refills on the Crab – can’t argue with that)

Yeosu (29)
Plenty to be happy about at this restaurant, starting off with the seafood soup.

Yeosu (30)
This is some calamari essentially with a salty sauce.

Yeosu (31)
Half of the reason we came here 게장.

Yeosu (32)
And the other reason we came here 간장게장 (Crab marinated in Soy Sauce).

Yeosu (33)
Lots of side dishes as usual.

Yeosu (34)
A very well presented meal 🙂

Yeosu (35)
Make sure to try as many side dishes as you can in Korea, you never know which ones you will like and dislike hehe

Yeosu (36)
Once our bellies were full we made our way upstairs.

Yeosu (37)
This is where the refills are at by the way.

Yeosu (38)
No one likes smelling a crabby breath so there are free toothbrushes upstairs to clean your teeth/mouth.

Yeosu (39)
As we didn’t want to carry our luggage around with us all day we headed to the station to store our bags away. There are a few options, one being inside lockers however should they be full, just to the right of the station (1 minute walk) is a baggage storing facility (its a Sea Container).

Yeosu (40)
The kind lady at the bus stop said it was only a 15 minute walk to the Yeosu Cable Car from the Station so we decided to take a stroll. Simply cross the road and keep on walking.

Yeosu (41)
Well known statue in the middle of the arcade.

Yeosu (42)
Came across this giant boy so thought I would take a snap.

Yeosu (43)
If you are needing a place to stay 24 Guesthouse is very conveniently located.

Yeosu (44)
Paulownia Guesthouse & Hostel is another perfectly located guesthouse in Yeosu.

Yeosu (45)
That is where we are wanting to go 🙂

Yeosu (46)
To help with directions keep an eye out for this building.

Yeosu (47)
It you go during busy times you may have to wait for the elevator up to the cable car. We waited about 15 minutes.

Yeosu (48)
Once up the elevator there are some great views to be seen.

Yeosu (50)
Once up the top, head towards this building for tickets and the Cable Car line.

Yeosu (51)
The weather was great so we felt quite lucky.

Yeosu (52)
Plenty of signs in English so you shouldn’t have any problems finding out where to go.

Yeosu (53)
The bridge from the elevators to the main Cable Car building.

Yeosu (54)
Go up the stairs and you should see this room.

Yeosu (55)
Upon entering the waiting area I thought we would have to wait for an hour or two but the line went really fast and we only waited about 20 minutes.

Yeosu (56)
Almost there. You can buy a more expensive ticket which has a clear glass bottom however we opted for the general ticket.

Yeosu (57)
Finally up and away.

Yeosu (58)
A great view of the area.

Yeosu (59)
Lots of chances to take some photos and make sure you enjoy the view.

Yeosu (60)
The ride lasts about 5-10 minutes.

Yeosu (61)
Lots of cars which probably helps speed up the queues.

Yeosu (62)
Once you exit the cable car simply walk straight and you should end up at this place, Dolsan Park. My partner and I taking a selfie haha

Yeosu (63)
A large monument. On the other side of this are some really great views.

Yeosu (64)
It was actually quite hot so sunscreen and sunglasses are a must.

Yeosu (65)
A nice old man enjoying the view.

Yeosu (66)
Very mountainous area actually.

Yeosu (67)
Over to the right of this island is where we ate dinner last night. You can seer this island in my earlier photo.

Yeosu (68)
Later this bridge would get very congested only one lane each way.

Yeosu (69)
Selfie stick was in full swing on this day.

Yeosu (70)
This day was actually particular bad for yellow dust in Korea however didn’t see much of it in Yeosu which was nice.

Yeosu (71)
As our ticket includes a return journey we decided to check out the line. It was about a 1.5 hour wait so we decided to skip the Cable Car back and head straight for the Yeosu Railbike.

Yeosu (72)
We walked 5 minutes down to the main road to get a taxi. The taxi was about 12 000 won from the Cable Car to the Railbike.

Yeosu (73)
We arrived just near the Yeosu Railbike, at the black sand beach.

Yeosu (74)
A lot of blowfish….

Yeosu (75)
Quite a few couples including ourselves took the opportunity for a few photos with such nice weather.

Yeosu (76)
This was a very nice place to have a walk around.

Yeosu (77)
Not a whole lot of people here so it was fairly quiet and relaxing.

Yeosu (78)
We started walking up the hill to Cafe Bene to get a drink and relax.

Yeosu (79)
Some murky islands in the background.

Yeosu (80)
Some cute doggos we saw on the way up.

Yeosu (81)
We were lucky enough to snag the window seats.

Yeosu (82)
Some nice refreshing Mangos.

Yeosu (83)
Also opted for the strawberry smoothie.

Yeosu (84)
Across the road from Cafe Bene is the Railbike ticket office. So my better half walked over to collect the tickets we had bought online.

Yeosu (85)
There is a few levels at this Cafe Bene so should easily be able to get a seat and enjoy the view.

Yeosu (86)
There a two lines here, one for online ticket purchases and one for tickets purchased on the day. It didn’t seem to matter at all as both lines were joined into one. So easy enough to buy tickets when you get there.

Yeosu (87)
A nice view to take in while we waited. We waited about 40 minutes until we got one. Keep in mind we went on a Saturday after a public holiday so it shouldn’t hopefully be that long if you go on a normal Saturday or a weekday.

Yeosu (88)
Waiting waiting waiting.

Yeosu (89)
Plenty of shade while you wait which is nice.

Yeosu (90)
And we are off, enjoying our ride.

Yeosu (91)
The first part of the ride is very easy as the tracks are on a slight slope downwards.

Yeosu (92)
Not sure what I expected before going into this tunnel…..

Yeosu (93)
Reminded me of going through a water slide when there were no lights inside..

Yeosu (94)
Fortunately there was plenty of lights inside.

Yeosu (95)
A final pic of us enjoying ourselves.

Yeosu (96)
The second part is slightly uphill so you need a little extra push haha

Yeosu (97)
And as we arrived back at the start, our trip to Yeosu is also slowly coming to an end.

Yeosu (98)
One of our last photos in Yeosu.

Yeosu (99)
I thought this was a nice photo to end the trip on.

Yeosu (100)
We returned to Yeosu Station and picked up our bags from the storage facility (closes at 7pm by the way). For the next part of journey, we headed to Suncheon 🙂

I must say that Yeosu was such a nice place to visit even though we only had 1 day. I really enjoyed the Yeosu Railbike and would definitely recommend it for anyone who decides to go to Yeosu. There were a few places in which we couldn’t visit due to time constraints and they were:

  • Odongdo Island 오동도
  • The Big O
  • Hanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu 아쿠아플라넷 여수

Some hotels/guesthouses in Yeosu I can recommend if you do decide to go are:

As usual, if you have any questions or would like some advice please leave me a comment below 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    Could you tell me the nsme of this 7:00 tour?

    Do you still know the price?

    Do you know if they make the tour inMarch?

    We will spend the day in Suncheon March 26 Th. And in the end of day taje train to Seoul.

    Thank you,

    We don t speak Korean.


    1. Hi Jose,

      Are you talking about the tour in Suncheon? (as you commented on the Yeosu post)

      Tour Details:

      The tour took about 7 hours (departed at 10:00am and returned to Suncheon Station at about 5pm).

      We booked our tickets through this site:
      Bookings can be made here: Simply click the first yellow button 예약하기 (you will need to create an account/login to book).

      If you know someone who can speak Korean to help you, that would be a whole lot easier! If not, here is a guide who may be able to help:

      Any other questions please let me know 🙂

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