What to Eat in Busan

What to Eat in Busan – 10 Must Eat Restaurants

I always get asked “what should I eat in Busan?” and I find myself replying with the following list below. These are the restaurants I frequently visited while I was living in Busan for 2.5 years. When my family attended my Wedding in Busan I took them to a couple of these restaurants and they absolutely loved them. My wife (a Busan local) showed me all of these restaurants and boy, am I ever so grateful to her for introducing me to these wonderful restaurants and dishes. Below are my top picks for the best restaurants in Busan. *Please note this list is in no particular order.*

10 Best Restaurants in Busan

1. Hagfish 꼼장어 & Raw Octopus 산낙지 at 전주횟집
2. Marinated Duck 오리불고기 at 가야공원
3. Octopus, Intestine & Shrimp Stew 낙곱새 at 원조 조방낙지
4. Ginseng Chicken Soup 삼계탕 at 배종관동래삼계탕
5. Marinated Braised Ribs with Cheese 치즈등갈비 at 등짝
6. Wheat Noodles 밀면 at 서면개금밀면
7. Raw Fish 회 at 민락 수변공원

8. Sliced Pork 족발 at 원조부산족발
9. Beef Tripe Hot Pot 곱창전골 at 부평양곱창

10. Pork Rice Soup 돼지국밥 at 밀양순대돼지국밥

What to Eat in Jagalchi Fish Market 자갈치시장


Jagalchi Fish Market has some of the Best Seafood in Busan and is great to walk around and enjoy the various seafood on offer and is also a fantastic place to eat! The best way to view the Jagalchi Fish Market is to exit Jagalchi Station (Exit #10) and keep walking straight and take your second right onto Jagalchi-ro (you should see a Jagalchi Fish Market sign in Korean). Walk down to the end and you will be at the start of Jagalchi Fish Market. Alternatively, if you are visiting BIFF Square for some street food, Jagalchi Fish Market is literally opposite (just walk across the road).

To be honest eating anywhere at this market is completely fine and most serve similar seafood from crabs to fish to squid and eel. There are restaurants all around here so maybe take a look through the market and then decide what kind of seafood you are wanting to eat.

Hagfish 꼼장어 and Raw Octopus 산낙지 at 전주횟집

Busan, Korea

My recommendation would be to find a delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurant 맛집 like 전주횟집. I would order a small () Hagfish 꼼장어 for 2 people and ask for some Raw Octopus 산낙지. It should be about ₩30,000.


I have to admit, Hagfish 꼼장어 takes a while to get used to however once you are comfortable with the texture it is a good hearty dish. It is something that can be eaten grilled or in a somewhat spicy sauce like the picture above. DON’T FORGET TO ADD RICE AT THE END 볶음밥!

If you’re wondering where to eat live octopus in Busan then Jagalchi Fish Market is a great place to come. You will probably find that Raw Octopus 산낙지 tastes like the sesame seed oil it is covered in and that it actually isn’t as bad as what you first thought. I would definitely recommend trying it when coming to Busan.

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What to Eat in Dong-eui University Area 동의대

Gaya Gongwon

This area is slightly west of Seomyeon however is easily accessible by bus or subway. The easiest way to get here is to catch a bus from Seomyeon Station or catch the subway to Dong-eui University Station 동의대역 and get a taxi.

Marinated Duck 오리불고기 at 가야공원

Gaya Gongwon

As you can see it is very popular with the locals and is a restaurant in which is only found if someone recommends it as it is not in a very busy area. We usually don’t book if we are going during the week however if you are coming on the weekend you may have to wait a little bit (not too long).

Gaya Gongwon

There are 2 reasons to come to this restaurant near Dong-eui University 동의대. Not only does it have some of the best duck dishes in Busan, the atmosphere here is also excellent. It is situated up on a hill and allows guests to either sit on the floor or at a table if you prefer that. It has a small creek/river trickling through the middle of it which makes for the perfect backdrop.

Gaya Gongwon

There are a few different choices here and I would suggest trying the 오리불고기 which is Grilled Marinated Duck for ₩30,000 or if you prefer Duck Soup I would suggest you try the 청동오리백숙 for ₩35,000. Depending on how many of you there are, I would suggest ordering just one of these per 3 people. If you are still hungry by the end of it you can always order a seafood pancake 해물파전 at the end (or during) for ₩10,000.

What to Eat in Dongnae Station 동래역


I might be biased but the area around Dongnae Station is my favourite place to eat in Busan. WHY? Because it has a good variety of tasty restaurants and places to sit down and have a drink. It is the area where I used to live and work, so that is probably why I am slightly biased. The best restaurants and drinking spots are around MegaMart which can be found by exiting at Exit #2 or Exit #4 of Dongnae Station 동래역 (Orange Line) and walking East towards MegaMart.

Octopus, Intestine & Shrimp Stew 낙곱새 at 원조 조방낙지 (Busan Specialty)


My favourite restaurant in Busan is undoubtedly 원조 조방낙지 and there is one reason I come here, to eat Nakgobsae 낙곱새 which is essentially Octopus, Intestine & Shrimp Stew. This is one of, if not the most famous restaurant for eating 낙곱새 and with good reason, it tastes amazing.


낙곱새 has the right balance of sweet and spicy and when mixed with white rice is otherworldly. It just so happens I used to work literally opposite this place which meant I ended up eating this maybe a bit more than I should have. As usual in Korea, meals are best shared with others and I would probably order this with 1 bowl of rice each. The cost is ₩9,000 each for 낙곱새 (at least 2 people must order this). If you come alone you can order either one of Shrimp, Intestine or Octopus.


This is the type of dish that could never end. The sauce from this dish is really something special so when it is mixed with rice it seems like you could eat forever. As with a lot of dishes in Korea, DON’T FORGET TO ADD RICE AT THE END 볶음밥!

Ginseng Chicken Soup 삼계탕 at 배종관동래삼계탕

Dongnae Samgyetang

The location of this restaurant is somewhat hidden and is very close (5 minutes walk) to my other recommendation, 원조 조방낙지. The easiest way to get there is to get off at Dongnae Station 동래역 (Orange Line) exit #2 and head east towards MegaMart. Keep walking straight towards the Dongnae Local Office 동래구청, through the carpark and you are pretty much there. See the Map at the start of this post for more details or click HERE.

Ginseng Chicken Soup 삼계탕 is one of my favourite Korean foods and strangely enough is very popular during summer (not winter) although personally when it is cold I love hot chicken soup and this one definitely hits the spot. For Ginseng Chicken Soup 삼계탕 it costs ₩15,000 and I would recommend ordering 1 each.

Dongnae Samgyetang

Don’t forget to dip your chicken in the salt provided and also to try the Ginseng Alcohol 인삼주 which is part of the experience (warning, it’s pretty strong!)

What to Eat in Seomyeon 서면

What to Eat in Seomyeon

Seomyeon has the largest variety of food in Busan and to find the best restaurants in Seomyeon, one doesn’t have to look for long. If you are looking to explore the many restaurants in Seomyeon, I would go to Exit #2 of Seomyeon Station, keep walking straight (away from the station) and take your first left (at the Tom N Toms). This area has so many restaurants it is easy enough to simply walk around and pick one you like. Being on both Subway Lines 1 & 2 there are just endless amounts of options here and below are two of my favourites.

Marinated Braised Ribs with Cheese 치즈등갈비 at 등짝

Busan, Korea

Whats better than Marinated Ribs? Marinated Ribs with Cheese! I have been eating at this restaurant since I first arrived in Korea in 2013 and it still has the same great taste that I came to love.


This restaurant is in a great location as it is very close to a lot of other good restaurants and drinking spots so it’s easy to carry on to another place or even catch a movie etc. In my opinion, it is one of the best restaurants in Busan.


It costs about ₩8,000 per serving and you can choose between marinated and non-marinated which I suggest doing. Of course adding cheese is a must as it really tastes great! Make use of the side dishes and don’t be shy to ask for refills (this goes for almost all Korean restaurants).

Wheat Noodles 밀면 at 서면개금밀면 (Busan Specialty)

Gaegum Milmyeon

Located Just south of Seomyeon Station is Gaegeum Milmyeon 개금밀면 which serves pretty much only Milmyeon. Depending on which you order mul naengmyeon 물냉면 or bibim naengmyeon 비빔냉면 the price is between ₩5,000 for a small and ₩6,500 for a large.

Gaegum Milmyeon

Most people have heard of Naengmyeon 냉면 which is Cold Noodles and with that bibim naengmyeon 비빔냉면 which is noodles in a spicy sauce and also mul naengmyeon 물냉면 which is water-based noodles, more like a soup. In Busan, there is also Milmyeon 밀면 which essentially means Flour Noodle and is a specialty of Busan which makes it a must-try food in Busan.

Gaegum Milmyeon

The soup (in the cup) is also very delicious and is free so make sure to drink up especially if it is cold outside. Dumplings can also be bought for ₩5,000 if you are hungry.

What to Eat in Gwangalli Beach 광안리

Millak Waterside Park

If you are looking for something unique or maybe wanting to know where the locals of Busan go in Gwangalli Beach to eat, then Millak Waterside Park is where the good food near Gwangalli Beach is at. If you walk to the north side of the beach and stay right next to the ocean, you will eventually end up at Millak Waterside Park also known as 수변공원 (there is a GS25 convenience store just next to the public toilets). You will then see the building 밀레니엄횟집 and it is one of the best places to eat Seafood in Busan.

Raw Fish 회 at 민락 수변공원


You have 2 options, either buy some seafood from the Millak Fish Market on the ground floor of 밀레니엄횟집 and take it across the street to Millak Waterside Park to eat on the giant stairs overlooking Gwangalli Bridge OR take the elevator up to one of the many Seafood Restaurants in Gwangalli located in the 밀레니엄횟집 building.


Personally, I would recommend buying some fish from the Millak Fish Market (don’t be shy!) and to help you with pricing, you can find the price of all the seafood they sell HERE. You will need to click the search button and paste in 민락 밀레니엄 to narrow down the search to this specific buidling. An example would be this seller.

Millak Waterside Park

I normally eat Flounder 광어회, Rockfish 우럭회 and/or Herring 전어회 (this one is seasonal). They are generally around ₩25,000 per kg which is generally enough for 2 people (depending how hungry you are). Also worth noting that in Busan raw fish is often served with 쌈장 (chili paste mixed with soybean paste). This place is another chance to eat live octopus 산낙지 in Busan.

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What to Eat in Nampo-dong 남포동


Being so close to Jagalchi Fish Market and Bupyeong Market 부평시장 makes this area one of the best in Busan for eating. Nampodong also contains BIFF square which has a lot of great street food. You can pretty much get anything not only Korean food. The best food in Nampodong can be found below.

Pig Trotters / Sliced Pork 족발 at 원조부산족발

Busan Jokbal 원조부산족발

For some of the best food in Nampodong 남포동 you can’t go past Busan Jokbal 부산족발. This is easily one of the best Pig Trotters/Sliced Pork restaurants in Busan and needs to be tried before judging it. It is a very common food in Korea and one of my favourite restaurants in Busan.

Busan Jokbal Nampodong

Jokbal 족발 is usually called pig trotters in English however I like to think of it as sliced Pork from the lower leg which contains collagen (the white parts). It is normally cooked with garlic, ginger, soy sauce and other spices.

Busan Jokbal Nampodong

If you feel adventurous you might want to also try the 냉채 족발 which is mixed with spicy mustard and sliced cucumbers (I would highly recommend trying this!). If not the normal Sliced Pork 족발 is enough to knock your socks off. Both of these dishes start at ₩30,000 for a small (which is enough for 2 people).

Beef Tripe Hot Pot 곱창전골 at 부평양곱창 (near Bupyeong Market 부평시장)

Beef Tripe Hot Pot 곱창전골

Located just meters away from Bupyeong Market 부평시장 is one of the most popular restaurants in Nampo-dong 남포동. It serves Beef Tripe Hot Pot 곱창전골 which is not only delicious but makes for the perfect food to drink soju 소주 with.

Busan, Korea

Beef Tripe Hot Pot 곱창전골 is a kind of stew that mixes tripe, vegetables and seasonings to make one heavenly dish. It may look spicy but it really isn’t, so it’s the perfect dish if you are not sure what to eat when out in Korea (especially Busan).

Busan, Korea

Beef Tripe Hot Pot 곱창전골 is about ₩35,000 for a small which is easily enough for 2 people (if you are really hungry you may want the medium size). You’re going to get tired of me saying this in this post, DON’T FORGET TO ADD RICE AT THE END 볶음밥!

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What to Eat in Haeundae Beach 해운대

What to Eat in Haeundae

If you are thinking of what to eat in Haeundae you are in luck. Being a tourist hot spot means there are plenty of options for you to fill up on Korean food. Haeundae Market 해운대시장 has some choices such as great dumplings 만두 and various other street food in Haeundae. The main street in Haeundae also has a lot of great restaurants like the one listed below.

Pork Rice Soup 돼지국밥 at 밀양순대돼지국밥 (Busan Specialty)

What to Eat in Haeundae Pork Rice Soup

This restaurant has a few stores throughout Busan so if you find yourself in a different area then you will still be able to try Pork Rice Soup 돼지국밥 from this place. It is located on the main street in Haeundae which is only minutes from Haeundae Beach. It provides some of the best food in Haeundae with this dish.


If you are wondering what to eat in Haeundae, a great option would be Pork Rice Soup 돼지국밥 which is a local Busan dish that contains Pork, spring onions/chives, small shrimp (optional) and usually eaten together with 쌈장.


Pork Rice Soup 돼지국밥 will cost you about ₩8,500 which is pretty reasonable. You could opt for other items like Blood Sausage Soup 순대국밥 which is very popular among Koreans. If you get past the fact it is blood sausage then it actually tastes quite hearty and delicious without any taste of blood as such (trust me it’s good!).

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If you plan on traveling by KTX in Korea, you may want to check out the Korea Rail Pass (KR Pass) to save money.

Other Good Food in Busan


Being a coastal city, Busan has not only great seafood but also a lot of great street food. Whether you decide to eat street food in Nampodong or eat seafood at Jagalchi Fish Market you can’t really make a bad choice. Both Gwangalli Beach and Haeundae Beach have good restaurants and a lot of options. Below are some other great options I would recommend if you want to know what to eat in Busan.

Ssiat Hotteok 씨앗호떡 in Busan

Ssiat Hotteok 씨앗호떡 in Busan

Ssiat Hotteok 씨앗호떡 in Busan is a favourite among locals and tourists which differs slightly from the normal Hotteok 호떡 you will see throughout Korea. The Busan-style Hotteok is filled with a variety of seeds that are good for health which makes the taste slightly different. They generally cost anywhere from ₩500 at Dongnae Market 동래시장 to ₩1,300 at BIFF Square in Nampodong.

Patbingsu 팥빙수 in Busan

Busan, Korea

Patbingsu 팥빙수 in Busan can be found almost everywhere from Coffee chains to street vendors and the taste will almost certainly be different. Some people prefer the sweeter taste at places like Caffe Bene while others like the simpler taste at the locals markets. Patbingsu 팥빙수 is essentially red beans and shaved ice which normally comes with a variety of extras like condensed milk, diced fruit and/or syrup. The price can vary depending on the place you get it from, I bought mine for ₩4,000 in the photo above from Gukje Market in Nampodong.

Steamed Clams and Seafood 조개찜 in Busan

대끼리야 in Dongnae 동래 has some of the best mixed seafood dishes in Busan when considering quality, quantity and price. It is very close to Dongnae Station 동래역 on the Orange Line. This dish starts at ₩37,000 for a small (which is easily enough for 2 people).

Seafood Pancake 해물파전 in Busan

Busan, Korea

Seafood Pancake 해물파전 is a must-try while in Korea and especially if it starts raining (look it up it’s a thing!) to pair with Makgeolli 막걸리 (Korean rice wine). This dish can be found almost everywhere as it is a popular side dish that a lot of restaurants have. The price ranges depending on the size but I would expect to pay about ₩10,000.

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