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Going to a Baseball Game in Busan South Korea

Going to a Baseball Game in Korea is something that every traveler or expat should experience. Korea has one of the best Baseball Teams in the world and has a lot of players in the USA playing Major League Baseball. This means not only is Korean baseball a good experience, it is also a great chance to see some pretty good Baseball players. Whether you are wanting to watch a baseball game in Seoul or watch the mighty Lotte Giants in Busan, there is always a baseball game to watch. The tickets are very affordable (especially during weekdays) and they allow you to bring your own food!

Why you should go to a Baseball Game in Korea

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Whether you are traveling to Korea or living in Korea, a baseball game is a great opportunity to interact with Korean locals and see how they enjoy spending their time. Not only is the quality of baseball decent, it is a great way to spend some time eating and drinking with your friends while in Korea.

The tickets are very affordable and are as low as ₩8000 (cheapest are weekday games) and you can bring your own food or buy it there (still a reasonable price).

If you are wondering How Long are Korean Baseball Games? then the answer is quite simple, just as long as other baseball games you will find around the world, about 2-3 hours depending on the teams play. Both teams will bat for 9 innings each which could fly by if they aren’t scoring runs. And of course the opposite if they are.

All the teams have cheer-leading squads who dance and sing the team song during various parts of the game which keeps the crowd entertained during the breaks between innings.

The atmosphere at baseball games in Korea is very lively and people seem to really enjoy cheering and supporting their team which makes for a nice vibe.

How to Watch a Lotte Giants Baseball Game at Sajik Baseball Stadium

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The Lotte Giants Baseball team were one of the first 6 inaugural franchises that helped start the KBO League originally called the Korea Baseball Championship in 1982. Sajik Baseball Stadium is the biggest baseball stadium in Korea (by capacity) which can hold up to 26,800 people.

It is very easily accessible being close to Sajik Subway Station and tickets can be bought at the front counter upon entering. There are numerous food vendors and convenience stores which makes it super easy to buy anything you have forgot. Games usually start around 6pm which is a great time as you can go simply after work (for most people or on your day off).

I would recommend coming during a weekday to beat the crowds although if you are wanting to see an important game or a more lively crowd you may want to come on the weekend to really soak up the atmosphere.

Lotte Giants 2017

If you have kids then they also have a few things to keep them interested like the team mascots (Busan team mascot above) and also there are a few team toys to keep them busy (blow-up sticks). I would also suggest visiting the Lotte Giants Team Store as they have a lot of great merchandise for both kids and adults.

Lotte Giants 2017

One thing you will notice at the game is people blowing up plastic bags, tying a bow or knot and then placing them on their heads (which is very strange). Towards the end of the game you will magically see these orange coloured plastic bags suddenly appear and people start to wear them like hats.

If you are wanting to see a Baseball Game in Korea, then you may want to check out the Korean Baseball Schedule and find yourself a game to go to.

What to Eat at a Baseball Game in Korea

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Food and Drinks (Beers as well) can be bought from the convenience stores inside the stadium at a very affordable price which makes it very appealing to everyone as it is good entertainment at a decent cost. You can also bring food from outside the stadium (like we did) without any worries. We simply purchased some fried chicken from a store close to home and brought it with us which I would recommend if you have the time before the game.

Then we just purchased some beers (Cass) from the convenience stores within the stadiums (they generally pour the beers into plastic cups) as I assume a safety concern (don’t want people throwing canned beers at each other).

If you are looking for places to eat before or after the game, then you may want to check out the Top 10 Restaurants in Busan.

How to Buy Tickets to a Baseball Game in Korea

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Generally Baseball games don’t sell out in Korea unless you are going to see a BIG game (top 2 teams playing each other) and even then there are most likely still tickets available. The easiest way to get tickets to a baseball game in Korea is to just show up at the ticket counter at the stadium and purchase tickets. If you are wanting to buy tickets online you can go to the team website and do it online. I have listed the teams below for your convenience:

Lotte Giants (Busan, Sajik Baseball Stadium)
Doosan Bears (Seoul, Jamsil Baseball Stadium)
LG Twins (Seoul, Jamsil Baseball Stadium)
Nexen Heroes (Seoul, Gocheok Sky Dome)
SK Wyverns (Incheon, Munhak Baseball Stadium)
KIA Tigers (Gwangju, GwangjuKia Champions Field)
Samsung Lions (Daegu, Daegu Samsung Lions Park)
Hanhwa Eagles (Daejeon, Daejeon Hanbat Baseball Stadium)
NC Dinos (Masan, Changwon NC Park)
KT Wiz (Suwon, Suwon Baseball Stadium)

If you are looking for Lotte Giants Tickets I normally just buy them at Sajik Baseball Stadium 사직야구장. Alternatively you can buy them on the official Lotte Giants web page as well. I wouldn’t stress about it too much as they rarely sell out. If you are really set on a certain game or day I would just go there an hour early and you shouldn’t have any issues getting tickets.

How to Get to a Lotte Giants Baseball Game at Sajik Stadium

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Getting to a Lotte Giants Baseball game at Sajik Baseball Stadium 사직야구장 is very easy and can be done in a few different ways. If you are coming by Subway, simply catch the subway and get off at Sajik Station which is on Subway Line 3. You can transfer at Yeonsan Station 연산역 from Subway Line 1 or at Suyeong Station 수영역 from Subway Line 2. If you are in a rush then a taxi to Sajik Stadium should be very afforable if you are coming from any of the main areas in Busan (Seomyeon, Nampodong, Gwangalli or Haeundae Beach) especially if you are coming in a group of 2 or more.

As you can see the map above shows Sajik Baseball Stadium 사직야구장 so you shouldn’t have any issues locating the stadium when you visit. If you are catching a taxi you can simply show the taxi driver the name of the stadium in Korean which is 사직야구장.

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