My Japanese & Korean Itinerary


I’m going to Japan… in about 2 months.. well also South Korea (Seoul and Busan) but more importantly 日本!!

Basically here is our itinerary in a nutshell:

Busan – 3 Nights
Seoul – 5 Nights

-Fly to Japan-

Fukuoka – 3 Nights
Takaharu – 4 Nights
Kyoto – 3 Nights
Tokyo (New Years) – 5 Nights
Hakuba – 4 Nights
Takayama – 2 Nights
Osaka – 3 Nights

I am going with a group of mates (there’s 4 of us in total) for a total of 32 nights…. Can’t wait would be an understatement.. We kick off our journey in Busan, South Korea for 3 nights and then head onto Seoul for 5 nights. Not really sure what made us go to South Korea in the first place but after some research it seems to be the dark horse of the trip and I’m really looking forward to exploring what Korea has to offer.

I have been to Japan before but I only went for 2 weeks and have wanted to go back ever since  >.<

I would like to share some of INFO I have gathered on the places I’m going…

KOREA (한국)
Busan (부산)

Seoul (서울)

JAPAN (日本)
Fukuoka (福岡市)

Takaharu (高原町)

Kyoto (京都市)

Tokyo (東京)

Hakuba (白馬村)

Takayama (高山市)

Osaka (大阪)

If you have any suggestions or want some information, hit us up with a comment below…

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