Gwangjang Traditional Market (광장전통시장)

Gwangjang Traditional Market (광장전통시장)

This market is for everyone. All sorts of Korean street food and is bustling with life. A must-see if you have the time.
This is one the entrances.20140116_184912
Ajumma’s (old Korean ladies) run the show here.20140116_200315
Some small clams.

Few things in this pic: Omuk (right), Pig Feet (Center), Blood Sausage (Left – on the plate).

Blood Sausage – The lady looked after us and the food was delicious.

Some pig feet/shin how ever you want to call it. The Korean word is Jeok Bal.

Korean Pancake – most people would have had this before. This one was slightly more crispy then usual however was great!

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