Songdo Beach ( 송도해수욕장 )

Songdo Beach 송도해수욕장 is a popular beach in Busan which is a great alternative to Gwangalli and Haeundae (especially in Summer as both of these can be extremely busy). Even if you come in Winter it is still worth a trip if you find yourself with a bit of spare time. It is fairly close to Nampodong and Jagalchi Fish Market (just 12 minutes by Bus) so it is not out of the way by any means. Also with the recent addition of the Songdo Beach Cable Car 부산 송도해수욕장 케이블카가 it is quickly becoming a popular tourist attraction in Busan.


What is there to do here?” would be an obvious question… and if the weather is warm enough, the answer would be relax and have a swim however if you aren’t necessarily keen on doing that, there is a nice a skywalk as such which goes over the ocean and a Cable Car which provides some really nice views over the beach (as the Songdo Beach Cable Car was opened in June 2017, I have since visited and have updated this post to include it 🙂 ) which is definitely worth checking out. Below are some of the pictures I took on my visit there last week 🙂



A map of Songdo Beach.


It was slightly overcast when we arrived as you can see (however was still quite humid – if I had brought my boardies I would of went in for a swim).



Entrance of the walkway.



As you can see the walkway is over the water.



There is a small pontoon of which people were diving off. Seems like a lot of fun especially if you enjoy swimming.



Although it looks fairly cold, I was regretting not bringing some swimwear as the humidity was crazy.



Sun starting to come out now and there was literally less than 20 people.



A few old statues in the water.



Plenty of small restaurants here as well if you feel peckish or want some lunch/dinner.



It was surprisingly a great little spot to enjoy the beach and the view.



The walkway isn’t that long but definitely a great place if you have time while in Busan.



A little cave in the middle of the walkway.



Looking back towards the pontoon/beach.



The water here was very shallow.



Quite a few tourists here taking some snaps.



I still couldn’t believe how quiet it was for a warm day.



Some background info on Songdo Beach in case anyone is interested (used to be a cable-car here back in the day). Apparently next year it is returning.



Feel free to go and take some pictures on the rocks (just be careful of coarse).



Opening times ( 6am – 11pm)



Those weird looking obstacles help reduce the impact of the waves against the coast.



Getting brighter which was great.



A good mix of locals and tourists.



Some more pontoons and boats/vessels.



If you are feeling hungry make sure to walk along the beachfront as there is a good variety of places to eat.



The bridge in the background takes you to Taejongdae.



A view looking out into the ocean.



A few more snaps of the beach.



Sun coming out was great.



Few more pics of the ocean.



My last pic of Songdo Beach 송도해수욕장


Update 2017 – August to include Songdo Beach Cable Car 부산 송도해수욕장 케이블카가

Songdo Beach Cable Car
This time we came to Songdo Beach by car and parked near the Cable Car on the other side of the beach.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
Walking up to ride the Cable Car was only a short trip although it was about 35 degrees at this point which was pretty hot.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
Buying tickets (from the mountain side of the cable car) is very simple. Just find the ticket counter and purchase your tickets. You will need to decide if you want to ride the Cable Car with a see-through floor or just a standard one. We opted for the standard one and were super happy with that as there wasn’t any lines (we went in peak time during summer holidays on a Sunday). There is a difference of 5,000 won between the see-through floor and the standard car.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
No lines at all which was great 🙂
Songdo Beach Cable Car
On the way down we had our own car and didn’t have to share which was nice! It’s 15,000 won return per ticket.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
Nice smooth ride and provides a really nice view over the beach and water.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
It was really hot on this day however the sky was as clear as any day I have seen in the last year.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
A fantastic view over the beach and boardwalk (which is shown above in my photos).
Songdo Beach Cable Car
We hopped off the Cable Car and went to line up to return however everyone wanted the see-through floor cars so we didn’t need to line-up at all. Simply hopped straight back on. Boardwalk below which is great for a stroll and some nice photos.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
When you do reach the mountain side of the Cable Car (where I started), go up to the 3rd floor as there are some nice places to eat and drink. Also some really nice views are to be had there.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
View from the top.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
As it was quite hop we snapped a few quick photos and went back inside.
Songdo Beach Cable Car
And that’s it. I really think it is worth the money as it provides some great views and is so close to Nampodong.

Songdo Beach 송도해수욕장 is a great little beach which offers some piece and quiet along with a relaxing skywalk and Cable Car 부산 송도해수욕장 케이블카가 over the coastline. Being less than 15 minutes by bus from Nampodong it is conveniently located should you find yourself with some time to kill.

Not sure where to stay in Busan? Check out my detailed post on where the best place to stay in Busan. Also if you need help planning your stay in Busan, these Busan itineraries should be very helpful 🙂


As usual, should you have any questions please leave a comment 🙂



21 thoughts on “Songdo Beach ( 송도해수욕장 )

  1. Hi ! thanks for your blog, such a great help 🙂 I really want to try the Songdo Marine Cable Car that will be open this June and I’ve learned that there will be 2 boarding areas one from Songdo Base Station and the other one is from Songdo Sky park. Can you please recommend from this two areas the most easiest from Busan Station? And how we can get there?
    Thanks a lot 🙂 PS. hope that you will feature this new attraction.

    1. Hi Maria,

      The easiest way would be to take a bus from Busan Station to Songdo Beach (buses 17, 26 and 61 all go there direct). Then ride the cable car. I plan on going at the start of August. I heard the price is about 15,000 won for a round trip. So might as well ride it back.

      Google Maps:

      Hope that helps you 🙂

    2. Hi Maria,

      I just thought I would let you know I have just updated my post to include the Songdo Beach Cable Car 🙂

  2. Hi
    It is great to have constant updates on busan from your blog. May I ask if the place to take cable car is very near to the songdo beach. Is it walking distance from the bus alighting point?
    Is Dongpirang same as Gamcheong village?

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Chia,

      Yes, there is a building which is located right on the beach (near the boardwalk) where you can catch the cable car.

      It’s different to Gamcheon Cultural Village. Dongpirang is located in Tongyeong (which is about 1.5 hours away).

      Hope you enjoy your trip 🙂

  3. Hi. I would like to travel to Taejongdae followed by Gamcheon Culture Village and then Songdo Skywalk. Is there any way in which I can link up the places? Will taking bus or taxi better?

    Need your advice on that


    1. Hi Edmund,

      I would do Taejongdae first, then Songdo Beach (the cable car there is nice btw) and last Gamcheon.

      It can be all done by bus so you shouldn’t have any problems 🙂

      Taxis are fairly cheap so if you find yourself stuck just take a taxi.

      1. Hello,
        I’m planning to have this itinerary in one day

        Taejongdae – Jagalchi Market/Gukje Market – Gamcheon Cultural Village – Songdo skypark to ride the cable car (either one way or return). Looking at google maps, these places seems to be in one side of Busan close to each other.
        We planning to start leaving our accommodation near Seomyeon station at around 8am.
        Is it possible in one day?

        I only have 2 and half days in Busan and I try to fit in as much as I could.
        Please let me know if this itinerary is possible.

        1. Hi Boblyn, that itinerary is good. I would swap Gamcheon and Songdo Beach as the bus will be easier that way. I believe the first train at Taejongdae starts at 9am so leaving at 8am from your hotel is a good idea.

  4. Hello.
    First of all, thank you for your blog ^^
    I’m going to very short (1 day is the effective day to strolling around Busan) trip Busan in the early of winter. I’ll ride train, and it’ll arrive at Busan Station at 3 AM.
    May i ask something?
    What do you think, if I go to Songdo Beach right after the first bust is operating, then to Gamcheon, Taejongdae, BIFF, gwangalli for the sunset. and Haeundae beach for the next morning before i ride a train back to Seoul?

    Can i walk at the skywalk in Songdo without riding cable car? (I think i won’t ride the cable car).

    Thanks a lot, hope to hear from you ^^


  5. Hi! Thank you for sharing on Songdo beach. Just curious, how long do you think we need to cover Songdo Beach and the skywalk? I’m planning to explore the place after lunch at Jagalchi (since it’s so nearby), but I want to explore Taejongdae for sunset also – wondering if I could squeeze this in between. Thank you!

    1. Hi Michael,

      I would say about an hour to an hour and a half would be sufficient (as long as the lines aren’t too big. Most people want to ride on the see-through floor carriage so if you don’t mind it shouldn’t take you too long.

    1. It doesnt really matter to be honest. Depends on what you see before or after. If you will go to Taejongdae then do that the same time as Songdo Beach.

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