So early next year (March 2015) I’m off to Korea again with the highlight being the Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival (경주 벚꽃축제).

Photo from: happy-box.tistory.com

I will be going to Korea for 3 weeks mainly staying in Busan (부산) with visits to Gyeongju (경주), Jinhae (진해), Daejeon (대전) and of coarse Seoul (서울). I have been to Busan twice before but never to Gyeongju (cant wait for this), Jinhae or Daejeon which will be a good chance to visit some new places.

Being that my partner is from Busan I have a biased view haha however I still feel like quite a few people skip Busan when travelling to Korea (at least with my friends who have visited Korea) which is a shame as I think it is great in comparison with Seoul. There are plenty of Things To Do and See whatever you are into to: sightseeing, night-life, sports, beaches etc.


Busan is also located quite close to other popular destinations within Korea such as:

  • Jeju-do ( 제주도 )
  • Gyeongju( 경주 )
  • Yeosu ( 여수 )
  • Pohang ( 포항 ) –  Able to catch the ferry to Ulleung-do ( 울릉도 )
Busan is also very close to Japan (under 3 hours by Ferry) which makes it very accessible by a variety of transportation.

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