Hongdae (홍대)

Hongdae is a very popular with students as there is Hongdae University close by. This is a great place for a night out as there are a lot of Cafes, Bars and Clubs. I stayed here on my first trip to Korea and was a great way to absorb the nightlife of Korea.

Not only is the nightlife vibrant, this area is also popular with art and music and seeing people busking on the street is quite common. This place has a great feel to it and I would definitely visit again when I go back in April.

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There are lots of guesthouses in this area which is perfect for accommodation as it is close to the main area. I stayed here at Studio 41st Hostel and can’t recommend it enough!

It was very clean, good value for money, private twin, private bathroom and very friendly staff all for about $50 a night per room.



Here is another blog detailing a few good spots in Hongdae.

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