Korean Food – 2015 Travels

Here are some photos of the Korean Food I ate from my travels in Korea (March & April 2015).

Hope you enjoy them! Any questions, just leave us a comment 🙂

Big Crab 대게
Big Crab 대게
Big Crab 대게
Big Crab Claw 대게
Big Crab 대게
Fried Rice in a Crab Shell 게딱지 볶음밥
Side Food
Various side food to accompany the Big Crab 대게
Raw Octopus 산낙지
Octopus with Pork Ribs 낙지 갈비찜


Spicy Seafood Soup 해물찜


Water Noodles and Spicy Noodles 막국수, 비빔막국수


Neungi Mushroom and Tofu Hot Pot in Gyeongju 능이버섯 두부전골


Sliced Pork and Mushrooms  능이숙회, 돼지수육


Spicy Tofu Soup 순두부찌개


Gimbab 김밥
Chungmu-style Gimbab 충무김밥


Before we started..


Aftermath in Gyeongju 경주
The aftermath haha


Gyeongju Makgeolli 경주 막걸리
Gyeongju Makgeolli 경주 막걸리


Gyeongju Makgeolli 경주 막걸리
Gyeongju Makgeolli 경주 막걸리


Pig Feet 족발
Essentially Pig Trotters 족발


Kimchi Pancake 김치전
Kimchi Pancake 김치전


Beef Ddeok Galbi  떡갈비
Pork Ddeok Galbi  떡갈비


DSC_0026 (2)
Ddeok Galbi  떡갈비 with various side food


Ojingeo Sundae 오징어 순대
Stuffed Squid 오징어 순대


Chimek 치맥
Chimek 치킨+맥주


Pig Feet 족발
Pig Trotters 족발


Noodles in Blackbean Sauce 짜장면
Noodles in Blackbean Sauce 자장면


DSC_0131 (3)
Grilled Fish 생선구이


Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup 짬뽕
Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup 짬뽕


Sweet, Sour and Crispy Pork 탕수육
Sweet, Sour and Crispy Pork 탕수육


Sashimi 생선회
Sashimi 생선회


Sea Squirt 멍게
Sea Squirt 멍게


Hotteok 호떡
Hotteok 호떡 is the best bargain in Korea hands down haha


DSC_0139 (2)
Spicy Rockfish Stew 우럭 매운탕


Kimchi Tofu Stew 짜글이찌개


Sashimi 생선회 with Side Food
Sashimi 생선회 with Side Food


Bread Bun
Bread from Daejeon Sungsimdang 튀김소보로, 부추빵


Bread Bun
This particular bun had a load of chopped chives. Tasted great!


Small Clams & Korean Pancake 파전
Small Clam 꼬막 and Korean Pancake 파전


Small Clams
Small Clams 꼬막찜


Mandu 만두
Handmade Dumplings 손만두


Gimbab 김밥 & Spicy Ddeok 떡
Gimbab 김밥 and Spicy Ddeok 떡


Potato Stick
Potato Stick 회오리 감자
Seaweed Soup
Seaweed Soup 미역국


Eel 장어
Eel 장어구이


Eel 장어
Eel 장어구이


Eel Spines
Few spines to crunch on. Actually not bad.


Side Food
Some more soup to finish off the meal.


Gim 김
Can’t forget the Gim 김


Delivery Fried Chicken
Delivery Fried Chicken ^.^


Soybean Paste Soup 된장찌개


Patbingsu 팥빙수
Patbingsu 팥빙수


Hotteok 호떡
More Hotteok 호떡 🙂


Pork Skewers
Chicken in a sweet sauce 닭꼬치


ddeokbokki, Gimbab and omuk
Ddeokbokki 떡볶이, Gimbab 김밥 and Omuk 어묵 in Nampodong.


Hangover Soup 뼈 해장국
Hotteok 호떡
Seed Hotteok 씨앗호떡, Hotteok 호떡 and Hotteok 호떡


Korean BBQ (Pork Belly) 삼겹살 구이


Honey Butter Chips
I know these were extremely popular recently but never understood why. Not bad i guess haha


Chicken Stew 닭볶음탕
Steamed Assorted Clam
with Octopus 조개찜

4 thoughts on “Korean Food – 2015 Travels

  1. Hi, all these can be found in which part of Busan? Do you have the restaurant name? I’m traveling with my friend and we plan to try these.

    1. Hi JT,

      Most of this food can pretty much be found anywhere in Korea. While in Busan, you should try Pork Rice Soup ( Dwaeji Gukbap 돼지국밥 ), Ggom Jangeo ( Hagfish 꼼장어 ) – try this at Jagalchi Fish Market and Seeded Pancake ( Ssiat Hotteok 씨앗호떡 ). The bread buns in this post are in Daejeon, which is about 2 hours away by train. Also, because Busan is port city, raw seafood is a must ( 회 ).

      You can also reference this post while you are in Korea as I have provided the Korean names of these dishes as well.

      Hope that helps 🙂

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